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Blackhawk Country Roads
Metric Century & 3 Other Routes

September 4 & 5, 2021
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HomeWeekly Rides

BBSC has several rides to enjoy at various paces and distances. 

Here is a rule of thumb for pace descriptions: 
  • Leisure = Relaxed slower pace 10 – 13 mph 
  • Moderate = Mid level 14 – 17 mph
  • Fast = Advanced level 18+ mph


Weekly rides run late March through late November. Due to weather conditions and amount of daylight weekly ride turn out can be sporadic in early spring and in the fall, and start times may vary.  The start time for weekly night rides for June-August is arranged by those riding. Weekly morning rides start at 9 a.m. except for during the months of June, July and August when they start at 8 a.m. (There are some variances to that, so be sure to check the Event Calendar for the specific day/ride you're interested in.)


Sunday rides begin in Mid-March and continue through late October.

Sunday Rides

Blackhawk Bicycle and Ski Club members typically enjoy a different ride each Sunday during the cycling season. The riders generally leave from a location in or near Rockford. Routes are available on Ride with GPS on the club website. It is suggested that you print out a map and cue sheet for your use, or download the route to your phone or GPS. Starting times, locations, distances and destinations vary throughout the year. There are some very scenic and interesting routes! Check the Event Calendar.

Monday Evening – Social Ride

Ride start is at the city lot across the street from Baumann Park (Walnut St. and Genoa St.) in Cherry Valley. This is a leaderless ride.  Pace varies, and mileage is determined by those present. Ride distance varies from 12 to 31 miles. The terrain is flat to gently rolling.  You won't be left behind.

The start time varies quite a bit, especially when the days get shorter.  

Lynn Bonnett at 815-540-7168  can provide more information about evening rides. The evening rides have fewer riders, and we usually just keep in touch with each other about what start times and evenings we will ride.  Feel free to text during the day if you are interested.  We keep an eye on the weather and vary the start times to avoid bad weather and accommodate work schedules.

Tuesday Morning – Northeast Rides (multiple options)

1. Ride start is at the Mercyhealth Sportscore Two (Indoor Sports Center) parking lot, 8800 E. Riverside Blvd., Loves Park. The terrain is flat to rolling. There is a 9 a.m., 19-24 mile, leisurely paced option that stops for breakfast at the Boone County Family Restaurant on the corner of IL-173 & IL-76. Call Fred Kennerly at 815-398-6861 for more information.This ride to Clinton, Wisconsin has evolved into four different starting points. Check the Event Calendar for start times.

2. Starting at Mercyhealth Sportscore Two  (Indoor Sports Center), this moderately paced, 50-60-mile options going to Clinton, WI for breakfast at the Clinton Kitchen. The terrain is rolling (some would say 'hilly'). There are various longer and shorter route options. Call Paul Mollway, 630-664-2788, for more information.

3. Starting at Boone County Brown Conservation Park (Caledonia and Quail Trap Roads), this is a moderate-paced 45+ mile route with the group joining up with riders leaving from Mercyhealth Sportscore Two.  Call Kurt Untersee, 815-238-3236, for more information.

4.  Starting from Prairie Fields Sports Park, 1111 Fairgrounds Road, Belvidere, this fast paced group decides on various routes to Clinton for breakfast. Don't count on this being a "no drop" ride. Call Rich O'Donnell, 815-243-9052, for more information.

Wednesday Night Ride

Ride starts at Baumann Park in Cherry Valley at 4:30 p.m. for a leisure to moderate paced ride with mileage and speed determined by those present. Routes range from 12.5 to 35 miles on paved gentle to rolling terrain. This is a good ride for families and beginners and anyone who would like to ride with other cyclists - you won't be left behind. Some riders get together and eat at a nearby restaurant after the ride.

Thursday Morning – Breakfast in 'Bago or 'Pec

This ride starts at the Faith Center's south parking lot, 4699 S. Main on the corner of South Main Street and Pelley Road. At 9 am there is a leisurely paced, 25-mile, flat-to-rolling ride to Winnebago and back. Call Fred Kennerly at 815-398-6861 for more information.

A moderate paced group rides to Pecatonica for breakfast. This route is 41 miles and is flat-to-rolling terrain. 
Check the Event Calendar for Start Times
. Call Jim Lowe, 815-543-1679,for more information.

Friday Morning – Breakfast in Harvard
Start from the Prairie Fields Sports Park, 1111 Fairgrounds Road, Belvidere, IL. This is a moderate paced 42 mile ride over flat terrain. No one will be left behind. Ride stops in Harvard for breakfast. Call Castor Armesto at 815-323-4390. Check the Event Calendar for Start Times.

Saturday Morning – Breakfast Rides

South Breakfast Ride - Meet at Baumann Park, (Walnut and Genoa Streets) in Cherry Valley for a ride to Kirkland for breakfast. One moderate/fast-paced group rides to Belvidere and then breakfast in Kirkland while another moderate paced group rides directly to Kirkland for breakfast. The Belvidere route is around 40 miles. The direct route to Kirkland is 32 miles.

North Breakfast Ride - Meet at Guilford High School west parking lot, 5620 Spring Creek Rd, for a 26/41 mile breakfast ride. Breakfast is in Belvidere. Pace is leisurely/moderate.Terrain is flat to rolling. Call Fred Kennerly at 815-398-6861 for more information.Both options are leaderless. Check the Event Calendar for Start Times

The following rides are no longer active. If you'd like to lead a ride on one of these evenings, please email the Ride Director (found on the Contacts page of this website). Thank you!

Tuesday Evening – Blackhawk Springs Ride

Ride start is Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve   at 5601 S. Perryville Road, Cherry Valley (on the south bank of the Kishwaukee River). The ride is leaderless with a moderate pace on flat to rolling terrain. This ride goes southeast for an 18 – 31 mile loop into Boone, Dekalb and Ogle Counties.

Wednesday Evening – Northwest ride

Ride starts at Sportscore One101Hiawatha Dr., Rockford, IL 61103,  for either a 19 to 21 mile ride. The ride is leaderless with pace determined by those present. The terrain is rolling to hilly on rural roads.

Thursday Evening – Southwest Ride

This ride is leaderless and starts at New Milford School, 2128 New Milford School Road. The pace of the ride is varied and determined by those present. The shorter routes are flat to gently rolling, while the longest route is flat to rolling. The ride distance can vary from 21 to 31 miles in length.